9 Ways to Finish Writing Your Book

I suppose I should precursor this list by saying “my” book, as I’ve never written your book, or finished it, so how am I supposed to know? But what I was kind of hoping is that the point would be gotten, and that in general tools and techniques for finishing a book can be relatable to many people.

Saying all that, here you go …

1. Just do it. Google “Shia LaBeouf Motivation” and you can thank me later 😉

2. Repeat the previous tip, every day. I’m not actually joking about that one.

3. Set a day word target. Sounds simple, but by golly does it work! 100 or 1,000 words a day. Set it, and don’t let the day end until you’ve met that goal.

4. Put your book first. If you have a choice between going out and writing, chose writing. You can go out to all the fancy members clubs you want when you’re a bonafide author.

5. Get lost. I don’t mean rudely, I mean get lost in your world. Be thinking about it at work, on the bus, in the line at the bank – everywhere.

6. Did I mention Shia LaBeouf?

7. Tell people what you’re doing. Even if you’re nervous, do it. It holds you accountable, as they will keep asking until you’re done!

8. Have breaks. Sometimes writing it hard, and much harder for some than others. At these times reward yourself. Many a day I kept ice cream at the ready for just such occations. Or it could be anything, whatever you see as a reward, keep it there as your proverbial carrot.

9. Exercise. Every day. As important as it is to sit down and write, it’s just as important to stand up and move about. It feeds your body but also your mind.

So there you go – these are only some things to help you get stuff done, but in my opinion, they are a ruddy good start! S.H.

5 Things to do When Waiting for That Book Deal

Continuing on with the trend of lists this week, here’s another handful of tips to keep you going through those long, dark and stormy nights …

1. Work. Now, this is a two pronged tip really. I say work as in the creative work of writing, but I also say work in terms of gainful employment. This refers to the work you do to pay the bills, as if you’re not yet on a healthy contract with Penguin, odds are you need to do something else to make ends meet. For me it’s acting, but for you it could be anything you like (or don’t like, hence the writing). In essence, while you’re writing, you may as well be saving up as much coin as you can too, in order to keep you in pencils and computer keyboards …

2. Believe in yourself. Oh corny, oh how terribly corny this tip may seem. And that it is. However, the fundementals are often that for a reason. You HAVE to believe your writing is good and that your book is good. If you don’t, you’re doomed.

3. Spend less time on social media. Although it’s ever tempting, and in actuality quite necessary in order to put yourself out there, too much time on Twitter and the like can be a bit discouraging. Try to limit your time, or have an allocation for the day. When good things start to happen, you’ll get notifications, instead of wasting time looking for them.

4. Anyone heard of this guy Shia LaBeouf?

5. Get on with your life. Although writing may more than be just a part of your life, unless you’re Shakespeare, it won’t be all of it. And even that guy dedicated some serious “me time”. Make sure you concentrate as growing and learning as a person, and don’t just spend the majority of your Friday nights refreshing your email feed in hopes of that one golden-ticket-reply with the news you’ve been waiting for your whole life.