Dear Mr Gains

This is a fictional approach email I wrote as part of a job proposal … 

Dear Mr Gains,

What can I say? You’ve done what you do for a long time, and you’re good at it. Really good. People don’t make a living out of keeping the English rain off of people’s heads if they don’t know what they’re doing. And to keep it in the family over all that time too? Well, as I mentioned – what can I say?

Right now you’re keeping the good people of London dry through those pelting onslaughts of falling H2O. But what if you could keep dry not only the discerning English gent or regal lady about London Town, but also the stylish New York businessman? Or the french artist? Or Norwegian banker? And even the Russian diplomat? This is what I can say to you, and it’s got to do specifically with those little electronic boxes of glass and microchips we all seem to need to carry in our pockets today.

So, to best explain what I’m talking about and exercise my point, let’s look at an all too feasible scenario …

A less than dry character, let’s say a young German designer from Hamburg, rushes through a crowded part of London. It’s not only hailing down cats and dogs, it’s raining sheep and cows too! This is his first trip to London, and although he’s heard about the fickle and sometimes vindictive nature of the British weather, he has no umbrella in hand. A sodden mess in next to no time, he casts his eyes around for a sign of reprieve and is suddenly struck by a awe inspiring sight.

He sees the most beautiful woman he has ever seen in his life.

But not only is she the most beautiful woman he has seen in his mere twenty six years on this planet, but she’s also the most dry he has seen all day. However, despite her attractiveness, it is the beauty of another thing which really makes this lad stop still and take notice – he sees the most regal looking and well built umbrella keeping her dry. One of your umbrellas, Mr Gains.

What if he sparks the courage to approach this girl, his dark hair plastered to the side of his face like melting licorice, and uses the comeliness of your umbrella to strike up a conversation? He likes the girl, but he loves the umbrella. He asks her about it and she tells him the name, along with her own, and the pair steal a few wonderful moments in the pouring rain.

But all too fleetingly she has to leave, and leave she does. Desperate to retain the experience, this young man abruptly wrenches his mobile phone out of his pocket and types the umbrella name into the search engine. The girl was one thing, but what holds his heart truly sway is the brilliance of the umbrella, the sheer perfect way it did what it did. The man’s phone loads, the web page for your umbrellas comes up – but all he gets is a static page. It has text, a few pictures, and looks nice enough, but he quickly loses interest in the umbrella and the thought of that girl creeps back into his mind.

For a strong moment that man wanted nothing more but to know more, and know more quickly. He wanted to know about your umbrellas. But all too soon he glances at the time, resets his mind for that important meeting he was dashing through the wet streets of London for in the first place, and all ideas of that special umbrella are gone. His interest is lost, because it wasn’t kept as quickly as it was first attained. But more importantly to the whole scenario, you, Mr Gains, miss the opportunity of his business. He heads home to Germany the next day and soon forgets all about the girl with the amazing umbrella.

Because of how the majority of people now absorb information, mobile viewing of all content, including advertisements and promotion for products has increased at remarkable rates in recent years, four times as much, and is set to grow even further. This means, therefore, that the lack of video content on any business website will mean loss of interest and a lack of retention from potential customers. If the basic goal is to show a wider range of people how great your umbrellas are, and continue that family tradition of providing quality and excellence to those who are inspired to seek it, then video is the simplest and most rewarding way to do this. The potential is so high, in fact, that a short and effective video, or a series of videos, about your umbrellas and how well they keep good heads dry could put you on the international business map, and it would even be possible to triple the turnover of your business just by using online videos as a tool.

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